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Bite Club is our loyalty program, designed to recognize and reward our most devoted customers. As a member, you have the opportunity to earn badges, discounts, special prizes and more with every Bite Squad order you place. Every order gets you closer to a fun badge and helps you level up to unlock promo codes and other suprises! 

Congratulations on your badge!

You've achieved step one - the Welcome Badge. Keep ordering to earn more badges and unlock rewards!

Oh, the possibilities

Keep ordering to unlock one colorful badge after another. But keep watching, because the possibilities are endless...

Frequent Foodie Badges

These badges show our appreciation for the number of times you order. Earn badges and rewards just for eating food!

Adventure Badges

Adventure Badges are for Bite Club members who love to try new restaurants. How high will your restaurant count get?

Device Badges

There are multiple ways to order Bite Squad. Device Badges reward our customers for trying them all!

Event Badges

Ordering during a big holiday? Earn badges for celebrating with Bite Squad!

Time of Day Badges

There’s never a wrong time to order delivery. These badges are for ordering at unique times.

Power User Badges

Order four or more times in a month, and you'll earn a monthly Power User badge.