We know you have good taste, and we’re standing by to reward you for all your “food-chievements,” one badge at a time! Now you can dine easy knowing that your delicious deeds will never go unrecognized. Now remember, the more adventurous you become, the more badges—and other goodies—you’ll uncover.  

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For your convenience, there’s more than one way to order Bite Squad. Two of those ways are from a desktop computer and your mobile device. And we don’t mind which you use, so long as it works best for you!

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We love our loyal customers who always use Bite Squad for their restaurant delivery. Enter, the Frequent Foodie Badge - showing our appreciation for the number of times you order. Because we’re happy when you’re fed!

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You love to explore new restaurants, and we love that you’re adventurous! We have many Adventure Badges for you to earn—how much of a thrillseeker will you become?

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You're a delivery master ordering four+ times per month! Keep it up and earn your badges every month this year, just by enjoying delicious food once a week.













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We’d tell you, but then we’d have to kill you.